Signs That Your Website Needs an Overhaul in 2018

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Fill in the blank: "Opinions are like ______. Everyone has one."

If you said “websites,” then you’re absolutely correct. Oh, stop it… of course that’s what we meant.

Every business in this modern age has a website. The problem is that many of those websites have been around for a long time or simply haven’t been designed very well. The year is now 2018, and technology makes it easy for you to have a glorious website with just a little help from the experts. To get you started, you need to identify whether or not your website needs an overhaul in the first place. Here are some easy signs to clue you in:


Everyone Knows It's a Freakin’ Mess

We could say that several different ways, both harsher and kinder, but a middle ground seems to suffice here. Point is, we now live in an era where you should be able to identify that your website is not just lackluster or unappealing, but an absolute freakin’ mess. The colors are off… the layout is off… the text is off… in fact, every bit of it looks terrible. The worst part is that everyone knows it, including potential customers.


The Design Has an 80’s Feel to It… and Not in a Good Way

We all love the 80’s. Even college kids seem to love the 80’s. But if your website looks like 1985 was the last time you gave any thought to updating its overall look, you’re in trouble. No amount of Delorean images or synth-pop is going to fix what ails your old-looking website. What you need is a complete revamp from the ground up to bring your site - and business - into 2018.


It Lacks a Modern Image

The visual content found on your website is one of its most important aspects, especially when a potential customer first visits the site. While some websites switch out their images on a regular basis, this isn’t something that you need to do very often. You just want to make sure that the images all have a modern feel to them. Avoiding images that contain anything that might “date” it a year later is an excellent strategy.


Your Pages Go Down… and Down… and Down

This is one design flaw that many businesses are guilty of, and they probably don’t even realize it. In the past, website designers tended to stuff as much content as they could on each page. The truth is simple, though - the vast majority of people who discover your website are never going to scroll far enough to reach the bottom of a long page unless they absolutely have to. Most of the content down there, even when it’s very helpful, will never be seen and will most likely turn off visitors.


The Last Blog Was in 2015

You know what we’re talking about - that website you come across with a blog title that interests you, but when you click on it, the publishing date is from two or three years ago - and maybe even farther back than that. As we’ve suggested many times, your website definitely needs a blog, but if you absolutely refuse to have one or aren’t ready to make that sort of commitment, it’s best that you delete the blog entirely until you’re ready to get with the times and go full-throttle.


Yes, there are DIY options out there, but nothing beats a hands-on expert that can build a custom site to your specifications and with your best intentions in mind. Reach out to our experts to get started right now!


Next Step

Your company’s marketing should be the secret sauce, ever elusive unicorn, and magic bullet that your company has been waiting for. Bottom line, it should be bringing you that money.

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