Website Design in 2017? Nah... Let’s Look at 2027!

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Now that we’ve had a few weeks to settle into the New Year, you’ve probably finally gotten used to writing “2017” when filling out the date on forms and papers, right? No? Well, if not, that’s okay. You HAVE, however, likely started giving some serious thought to how to improve your business website in the new year. After all, online trends are constantly changing, and if you don’t keep up, your website will quickly become passé and irrelevant.

Although it’s great to think ahead and get some inspiration for keeping your website fresh and current in 2017, we think we can do a little better than that. Why not set your sights even further into the future? If you were to do more than just stay on top of the latest trends, say, by being ahead of the curve and becoming a trend-setter, you could really establish yourself as a notable brand in your industry. Let’s move past 2017 and see what web design might look like in 2027.

What’s Trending Now….

At the moment, we’re seeing a few things that are dominating trends in the world of web design. These things include responsive design, single page design, card design, and material design. The reason that these items are trending is in direct response to the technology that we’re currently employing in order to interact with content. Desktop computers, smartphones, tablets, and even some wearable technologies are all compatible with these forms of web design, as they make it possible for us to view content through glass in a way that very closely mimics the paper documents that we have been accustomed to reading and interpreting for centuries. 

…Vs. What Is to Come

What happens when we completely alter the way in which we view information? What if, in the future, we completely ditch the screen interface? Honestly, a future like this may not be as far off as you might imagine. In fact, a growing number of computer scientists and tech experts are indicating that we are quickly moving into the “Age of Context.”

So, what does that mean, exactly? Well, according to a recent book, “The Age of Context” by Robert Scoble and Shel Israel (who somewhat famously predicted the use of social media in their previous book before it was really a thing), there are several converging technological forces that will move to change nearly every aspect of our lives. These forces include mobile, social media, data, sensors, and location-based services. When these forces intersect, we will see the birth of a brand new age of computing and context.

Here, we will see contextual computing that will actually allow our technology to UNDERSTAND us. The technology will be able to interpret and understand our needs and our environment so that it can integrate into every facet of our lives. When this happens, we have to be ready with a web design that allows that information to be relayed in a context that makes sense and works. Ultimately, this means a world of web design that makes use of artificial intelligence, virtual assistance, bots, etc.


Basically, things are going to be very different 10 years from now than they are today. People will receive and interact with data and information in completely different ways, and it’s important that you start planning now to accommodate those changes. The more you can prepare your audience for the future, the more they will rely on you as a source of information and expertise as the years pass by. Are you up to the task? The experts at Madison Taylor Marketing can help. Reach out and contact us to get started today.

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