5 Techniques to Make LinkedIn a Powerful Marketing Tool

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Chances are, you’re aware of LinkedIn when it comes to networking and finding a new job, but did you know that it’s also a great marketing tool for you and your business, too? Maybe you did, but if so, are you aware of powerful techniques that you can use to get the most out of it? Maybe you knew that, too, but do you know the best tips? 

Okay, Mr. or Mrs. Smarty-Pants, there’s no way you can know everything, so let’s take a look at some of our favorite LinkedIn marketing tips for businesses. Perhaps you’ll learn a thing or two.


Create a Profile That Really Pops

If you're thinking that you can just cruise right through your profile in a couple of minutes, then you're making a rookie mistake. Truth is, many visitors to LinkedIn visit the profile page almost immediately. That's how they find out what you're all about. So, what you want to do is maximize its effectiveness by making sure the content really pops. You want to make it entertaining and somewhat conversational. Plus, for the love of social media, don't treat it like an online version of your resume.


Build an Interesting Company Page

In addition to your personal profile, you want to develop a Company Page that is interesting and informative - one that briefly explains what your company is all about. The Company Page is basically the profile page of your business, which means that visitors will be checking out this page as well. Tell people about your business, the kinds of products and services that you provide, and - most importantly - how those products and services can alleviate or solve a problem that the visitor may be experiencing.


Add Visual Content 

The last thing you want to do on LinkedIn, or any social media platform for that matter, is post walls of text with no images. Think of your LinkedIn account as the wall of a new house. Are you going to leave it bare, or will you be decorating it with everything from family photos and movie posters to a decorative clock and curtains for the window? Visuals make the Internet go round, so make sure you're taking advantage of that.


Publish Engaging Content

If you've read our blog in the past, you know that we are big fans of creating engaging content. Everything you post should have engaging content, and LinkedIn is no exception. You can share articles on LinkedIn whenever you feel like it, but many companies have found more success when they space out their posts. In other words, save your posts for the important things, such as blogs that have been created for you by a reputable marketing company.


Use Tagging… Just Don’t Overdo It

The beauty of tagging people on LinkedIn (done by typing “@“ before their name) is that they will receive an email informing them that they've been attached to your post. Just make sure you don't overdo this. The last thing you want to do is annoy someone that you're trying to attract by constantly tagging them over and over again. Also, remember that each of your posts will go into the feed of all your connections, so tagging should only be used when you absolutely don't want someone to miss a specific post you've made.


Like other marketing tools, adding LinkedIn to your repertoire can greatly enhance your business prospects, but only if you do it the right way. The friendly and (dare we say) wonderful professionals at Madison Taylor Marketing can create a strategy that will extend your reach. Give us a shout out today and we’ll show you the means to success! 

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Your company’s marketing should be the secret sauce, ever elusive unicorn, and magic bullet that your company has been waiting for. Bottom line, it should be bringing you that money.

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