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You’ve heard of the seven deadly sins, but what about the five deadly website blunders?

At first glance, the word “deadly” might seem dramatic in describing mistakes made during the web design process, but deadly is exactly what they are. No matter how great your product is or how spectacularly your content has been written, you have the potential to kill your business when you fall prey to these grave website blunders - and no one is immune. A couple months ago, we looked at five common website design blunders, but now we're back with more. Even the greatest brands can make mistakes, so it’s important that you be constantly vigilant and maintain a strong awareness of your company's website desigm, so we've returned with five more deadly blunders and how you can effectively avoid making them.

Blunder #1 - The Never-Ending Load Time

Is there anything more frustrating than trying to visit a webpage that takes an eternity to load? We live in a fast-paced society, and we expect speedy information with just one click of a mouse or touch of a finger. The longer you make consumers wait to arrive on your page, the more you’ll suffer. For one thing, the majority of visitors will grow impatient and navigate away from your page in search of answers elsewhere. For another, Google will punish you with regards to your organic search rankings. Test out your website from different devices and web browsers to make sure the load time is fast and reliable.

Blunder #2 - Lead Capture Fails

The whole reason you put so much time and effort into designing a beautiful website and SEO is to generate new leads. If your website is getting a fair amount of traffic, but you’re not generating any leads, the entire site can be viewed as a failure. CTAs, sign-up forms, etc. need to be visible, accessible, and functional from numerous pages throughout the entire site. After all, not every visitor is going to arrive at your site via the home page.

Blunder #3 - Sub-Par Content

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: Content is king! Marketers would do well to remember that point and treat their content as something special, premium, and fabulous. Too many business bloggers fill their content with a too-high density of keywords and a whole lot of fluff. That’s just not going to cut it anymore. If you want to impress your readers and keep Google web crawlers happy, you’ve got to deliver extraordinary content.

Blunder #4 - Lack of Personality

Could your website be too stiff and corporate? Although you certainly want to come across as professional, you also want to use your online presence as a means of establishing your unique personality and allowing your customers to connect with your brand on a more personal level. Being overly formal or cold in your approach can put off visitors and decrease their interest in doing business with your brand. People like to buy from other people - not from a corporate machine. 

Blunder #5 - Snubbing Social Media

If your website’s visitors aren’t able to find a link to your social media profiles within thirty seconds of arriving on your page, you’re doing something wrong. Your website should publicize your social media presence, and any fresh, new content that is added to your site should be fully integrated with social. This will ensure that your target audience is able to stay up-to-date on the latest goings-on with your brand, regardless of how they choose to interact with your company.

Don’t kill your sales with a low-quality website. Being aware of these five deadly website blunders will help you steer clear of disaster, and Madison Taylor Marketing can help you with the rest. Reach out to one of our marketing experts to learn more.

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